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Will Prather Construction do work outside of my home, for example: driveways, walkways, patios, landscaping, etc.?
Yes, if they are related to your Addition or new home project. Most of these exterior items are related to "Landscaping" and as stand alone projects would not be something we would get involved in. We would be happy to suggest the names of some Landscapers for you to contact.

Will I have to hire any people on my own such as electricians, plumbers, etc. to complete my project?
No. Prather Construction is a complete contractor service, bringing all the necessary people and materials to complete your project. 

I have a friend (electrician, plumber, etc.) that I would like to work on my project. Do you allow this?
Yes, generally this is not a problem. We only ask that the person be a reputable, full time subcontractor that can work within the pre-determined schedule.

Why would I hire a Contractor to do my project when I could hire friends and/or go to the yellow pages to find the necessary subcontractors saving myself the profit and overhead I would be paying a contractor? 
People hire Prather Construction to do their projects because of our years of experience in this business we are timely, neat and professional. If our job is done well it appears to be easy. It has taken many difficult years involving much trial and error to find the team of Professional subcontractors we work with today. By hiring us to do your project you are purchasing this experience to guarantee a smooth running project and a pleasant experience instead of a costly and very stressful and potentially dangerous one. 


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